About Us

About Us

We are deal finders, fun hunters, and all around lovers of our community.

It's a chain reaction of awesomeness that goes something like this:

  • We work hard to find entertaining and useful products and services from local businesses.
  • Customers get a killer deal - and the warm & gooey feelings that go with it.
  • Businesses boom with new clients galore.


Headquartered in South Florida, we employ a team of passionate individuals who all bring their best to the table. The computer whiz, negotiating master, the always-knows-what's-new-and-hip-and-how-to-get-it-for-less expert, the word magician (and multiples of the above). We also think it's important to have locals in the communities we work with. After all, insiders know the ins & outs of their town - and you have a smiling face to provide above & beyond customer service.